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Due to the uprising of crime in Dallas, an effective grassroots plan of action was created to reverse the effects that are damaging to the communities. Community organizers, along with supportive and concerned neighborhood leaders could no longer watch their children get killed, swept up by gangs and drug use, or swept up by police because they fell victim to poverty related behaviors, including crime and gang affiliation. The B.E.A.T.S program will launch this summer of 2019 as a pilot program, and will prove inner city youth with the opportunity to build onto their talents, means of expressions and improve their overall quality of life, can make a difference in their communities, while fostering life changing personal development skills, harnessing new mindsets, and providing services to their neighbors in need. The plan is to create healthy, necessary and foundational growth support in the lives of young communities of people between the age of 10 -18. 


Our answer to the ever growing need that a lot of communities have, is individual growth beyond 

unfavorable situations, or developing the internal power and mindset to overcome anything and beat all odds placed against you. This program will invigorate the youth in under-served communities to go forward leading the charge in bringing harmony to their communities, starting in 2019.


A successful program will infuse a number of healthy qualities in each individual, which will eventually spread through the communities, helping to enhance the experiences and quality of life directly and indirectly to people in and around surrounding neighborhoods. The effect that we plan to have on communities include:


  • Enhanced mental and physical wellness

  • Strengthened abilities of conflict resolution 

  • Comprehensive understanding of consequences due to actions

  • Heightened awareness of the positive impact that can be fostered in communities 

  • Sharpened team building and leadership skills

  • Excitement in self-education, self-reliance, and personal development