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iTHINK is an innovative solution to reduce, deter and prevent crime by addressing the issues within a neighborhood, community, city or county.  iTHINK is a life-saving initiative that seeks to prevent senseless killings, reduce criminal activity by tackling poverty and transforming mindsets through opportunity. iTHINK provides short and long-term solutions as it relates to public safety and economic development in hard to reach areas. 


iTHINK’s success will improve public safety, quality of life and save lives across the city of Dallas while establishing the Value of a Life.  The solution to reducing crime, saving lives and effectively tackling high poverty rates is to establish a group of compensated citizens throughout the city to ensure that crimes or would be crimes are reported on a daily basis. Some of the targeted crimes are:


  1. Burglary against people and property 

  2. Businesses allowing illegal activity such as selling single cigarettes, condoning drugs being sold in and around their properties

  3. Those illegally possessing a gun in public 

  4. Youth under 21 with a gun


Additionally, iTHINK serves as a support system for law enforcement agencies and could become a feeder program for local law enforcement, as citizens come to understand the importance of having someone serve and protect their community. The citizens that participate in iTHINK will become prime candidates for future police officers. 


iTHINK is a part of Make Dallas One City’s mission, which is to make Dallas America’s Best City by making it one of America’s Safest cities. As perception becomes reality for so many, iTHINK will assist in shaping the perception that says “Don't Commit A Crime In Dallas Because Everyone Is Watching.”