Providing Real Opportunities (PRO) is a location-based workforce development training program for young adults in hard-to-reach and underserved areas in select American cities. Created with the purpose of minimizing barriers to economic success for various demographics, PRO intends to leverage the skills and knowledge of the surrounding community experts to ensure local needs are met in a culturally aware, transparent and effective way.


PRO is different than many workforce providers because their directors come from similar backgrounds as the participants and truly understand the barriers. PRO provides father figures, training and mentoring on a daily basis. The daily ritual is to have the participant excited, leaving non-work related issues outside the workplace. PRO’s impact will start to change generational habits and living conditions for a new flourishing population of productive citizens.


PRO seeks to serve a high concentration of males, but will serve anyone who meets the qualifications of the workforce program initiatives. So many do not have a strong support system and believe the world is against them. Understanding that, with the right support system, each one can, and will succeed, is pertinent. PRO wants to be the guiding light that shows changing perception can lead to changing realities. The overall goal is to create an environment which allows the participant to know that, as an employer, community and family are in this together.

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