Community Restoration and Wealth Building Initiative

Pathways To Independence (PTI) serves as an economic and community wealth building program for local governments and constituents. PTI provides a series of business training courses, along with hands-on mentoring to new and previously established small, local business owners, all of which, if completed, will allow participating trainees to become eligible for microfinance support as either start-up capital and/or capacity building funds.


Equally important, PTI seeks to assist local governments in aiding communities with the proper tools, from knowledge to funding, as a means to effectively increase chances of success for business owners and opportunities to work side-by-side with local government agencies and politicians on new ways to directly fund community wealth-building initiatives. 


PTI is a grassroots micro-financing program that helps to provide individuals within urban communities the skill-sets and funds to build strong businesses within their cities. Through the development of skills and financial empowerment provided to individuals within underserved areas we are able to directly affect the social and economic status of local residents. These residents benefit through their employment within the businesses that are created and developed and/or already owned and operated by each PTI investment recipient.

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